Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Welcome to: Movie Prop Maker

Movie Prop Maker is a blog for those interested in discovering the behind the scenes of professional prop, miniature and set builders. The idea is to educate and inform, a how-to and where to access the materials. With over 25yrs experience this is a great place to start learning and sharing with your friends.
Movie Prop Maker is ideal for the pros and the novice builder. If you’re making a student film, low budget or even experienced filmmakers, discover what materials are right for the job, a cheaper way to do it, or the best.
Some film credits include Titanic, X-Men 3, The Fugitive, Army of Darkness and TV’s Smallville.

Top Photo: 1/6 scale Titanic model on set. Bottom photo: Smallville Styrofoam sculpture ready for paint.


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  2. Dude. I'm also about to carve a lot of faux brick walls at a photography studio. What is your best recommendation for polystyrene bead migration control. We're getting the space for free and I don't want to get hate mail from this guy for the rest of my life...

    1. Tape up clear drop cloth encapsulating your work space needed, sprits the floor on occasion with water, clean-sweep/dust-bane the beads and sweep up at the end of each day, shop vac. Otherwise an expensive local wine or a gift certificate to Chilli’s.

    2. Hunter, do you or your company have a website? Would like to see some of your work.

  3. Hey Gary,
    You had a good start, why not keep it up?
    Maybe you suffer from the same malady I do and that's having a job that get's in the way of important things like blogs....

    You should make this a group effort and enlist other veterans to write posts.

    I have often thought that a propmaker 101 type of series would be just the thing for aspiring propmakers.

    Let me know if I can help.

    BTW, I worked on The Fugitive. Where were you working out of?

    John Weeks

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